Innovation is not easy and you need to be able to navigate the complex maze of modern organisations to not run into all too many walls. To succeed you need to have the will to keep going even when things get tough, and not everybody in the organisation will be fund of what you are doing.

That is the reality of innovation we all too seldom talk about and the reason we have established the Diplomatic Rebels Fellowship: A global fellowship of experienced intrapreneurs with a key focus on elevating their organisational impact. The chosen participants will become part of a highly curated group of innovation practitioners sharing a believe that they are able to change their respective organisations.

With a mix of thought-provoking presentations, subject matter knowledge sharing and individual reflection sessions the program enables fellows to gain access to a range of insights, tools and frameworks dedicated to making them more impactful Diplomatic Rebels.

The next fellowship will be launched in April 2020 and is now open for applications. Meet some of our Diplomatic Rebels and find our application form below.